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Every BODY is different

We are all biologically unique and there is no one size fits all approach to nutrition. Especially when it comes to people with physical disabilities or chronic conditions that affect their mobility and energy.

Generic health advice such as walking 10,000 steps a day or cooking every meal from scratch is just not realistic for some and can feel unachievable and alienating.

No amount of kale can ‘fix’ a disability (which doesn’t need fixing btw, this is what makes us who we are), but nutritional advice can be tailored to work with your condition and lifestyle. That's why it helps to get personalised support from someone who truly understands your needs.

Due to my own experience of paralysis, I have a special interest in musculoskeletal conditions and physical disabilities. I understand how these can affect our overall wellbeing (physically and mentally) as well as the daily challenges involved.

I believe in a balanced approach to nutrition that is achievable and enjoyable, and I'm passionate about accessibility and diversity in wellness and embracing our uniqueness so we can thrive WITH our condition. All bodies are welcome here! ⚡️

Get in touch for any questions or book in a free mini health review to discuss your health challenges and I'll share some tips to get you started.


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