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What is Nutrigenomics and why is it helpful?

Nutrigenomics is the interaction between genes, nutrients and health. A nutrigenomics test examines DNA to identify variations that can impact our health, which can be supported by nutrition. Variations in our DNA are what makes each of us unique and can have significant effects on our health.

Essentially, our DNA affects how we respond to food, how we absorb nutrients, how we exercise, sleep, detox, metabolise and so much more.


Accessing this information through a nutrigenomics test can help with the management of current health issues as well as providing you with the knowledge to take a preventative and proactive approach to your future health.


The test results give us the power to make smart everyday choices about our unique genetic make up so we can optimise our health and embrace our uniqueness.


DNA Testing Package
with personalised plan


How does it work?

As a qualified nutrigenomics practitioner, I work with Lifecode GX, the UK’s leading provider of nutrigenomics testing services, to ensure accurate, evidence-based tests and interpretation of results. By analysing your results, I can help you discover the personalised nutrition and lifestyle interventions to best support your unique genetic variants.

Once you have booked, a test kit is sent out to you. A simple cotton swab is used to collect loose cells from the inside of your mouth. It is sent off to a lab for analysis, and the results are ready 2-3 weeks later.


Once the results are received, you can book in your 60-minute consultation with me. We will go through the results in detail and I will discuss personalised food, supplement and lifestyle interventions and answer any questions you have. I will send you a summary of findings and your nutrition plan after the consultation.

The DNA Nutrition Package includes:

• Lifecode Gx DNA test kit

• Pre-assessment health form to select a report(s)

• Test report(s) selected based on your symptoms and personal situation

• A 60 minute consultation to explain your results and recommendations

• A summary of findings and recommendations emailed to you after the consultation


DNA Nutrition:
2 Report Package


  • DNA test kit

  • Nutrient Core report*

  • One other report based on your symptoms and health situation

  • 60 minute consultation to discuss your results

  • Summary plan emailed to you

  • Additional reports can be added at £150 each.


(£495 for existing clients)


DNA Nutrition:
5 Report Package


  • DNA test kit

  • Nutrient Core report*

  • Four other reports based on your symptoms and health situation

  • 60 minute consultation to discuss your results

  • Summary plan emailed to you


(£750 for existing clients)

*The Nutrient Core report includes:

A broad-ranging report, suitable for everyone, looking at genes involved in food intolerance (lactose, gluten and caffeine), appetite, blood sugar, vitamin and mineral needs (vitamins A, C and D), detoxification, microbiome diversity, sleep and susceptibility to inflammation and infection.

Other specialised test reports:

A range of additional reports are available to choose from depending on your symptoms and personal situation:

• Hormones

• Thyroid

• Histamine

• Nervous system

• Detoxification

• Athletes

And more

If you’re curious to know how your genes might be impacting your health,

book in a free discovery call to find out more.

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