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"I would thoroughly recommend going to Dina if there is anything that has been bothering you for a while - I came to her with a lot of issues (both physical and mental) that have been plaguing me for ages but she broke it down and gave me many different avenues to explore with alternative options for my favourite foods. She has made me aware of my triggers and given me resolutions when my inflammation is bad. Thanks again Dina!"

- Claire

"I went to see Dina because I wanted to balance my hormones and improve my skin. With the help of supplements and a nutritious diet I now have way more energy and my hormones and skin are now completely balanced. I can’t recommend Dina enough, she really listens to your needs. I feel way more confident physically and mentally and that’s all down to a good diet and the right supplements. Thanks Dina for putting me on the right path".

- Kylie

"I had felt like something wasn’t right for a while, but I was nervous about seeing a nutritionist and having to open up to someone. Dina was so kind and non-judgemental, she instantly put me at ease and made the whole process very easy (even enjoyable!). She helped me work through my problems, gave really comprehensive advice and I feel so much better. Not only have my symptoms improved but I feel really supported as well."

- Harriet

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